Review: Small Change by Roan Parrish

Reviewed by Joanna

Ginger manages a tattoo parlor. She is a small woman with a huge personality, and is angry at just about everything and everyone. In her few hours of spare time, she paints, and that’s about it. She doesn’t cook, have delicate hobbies, nurture anyone, or make any concessions for the badass she is. I loved this woman.

Fortunately, someone else intends to, too. Enter Christopher. He owns the local sandwich shop, and he has a thing for the feisty woman he sees around his locale. This is where it’s interesting. Christopher is a super sweet red-headed nurturer. He cares about everyone, likes people, is genuinely interested in how they are, and doesn’t have an ounce of snark in his body. The polar opposite to Ginger, and a nice reversal from traditional gender role expectations. And the guy is hot. Smoking. [Read more…]

Review: In the Middle of Somewhere by Roan Parrish

in the middle of somewhereReviewed by Janell

This is a long, languid romance between Daniel, the tattooed professor dropped in the middle of Michigan, and Rex, the quiet small-town carpenter. It’s all told from Daniel’s POV, and he is a jumble of nerves, caffeine, foul language, and insecurity. He’s freaking adorable, like if Tim Federle went into academia instead of Broadway. This review could just be quotes and you would all buy the book immediately.

Daniel grew up poor, one of five sons of a mechanic. With encouragement from his professors, he made it all the way to a PhD, but his family is not impressed. He interviews for a job at a small private college in Michigan, and meets Rex after crashing his rental car. He thinks Rex is straight. [Read more…]