Review: Barbarian Mine by Ruby Dixon

barbarian mineReviewed by Shelly

By far, this is my favorite book in the series. The storyline take us much further than the mating frenzy that the prior stories have featured. The conflict is surprisingly different from what we’ve gotten in the past, even better than book 2.

Harlow was one of the abducted women, but unlike Kira, Georgie or Liz, she was one of the women in stasis and didn’t get to interact with any of the women until they were ‘defrosted’. Happy with her ‘khui’, Harlow is okay with the life she now has. Yes, she’s on an alien planet and the men are all blue and 7 feet tall, but she’s happy because her secret is safe and she’s doing well. [Read more…]

Review: Barbarian Lover by Ruby Dixon

barbarian loverReviewed by Shelly

I’m slightly addicted to this series. Even though I didn’t like the heroine, Liz, in book 2, that was no reason for me to stop this series. It’s fun and doesn’t take itself seriously. Another one of the human women, Kira, I really liked. I knew if she stays true to form from the previous books, then I would like this story. And then there’s Aehako, big flirt that he is.

Kira’s story starts with her and Aehako going to the medical unit on the ship that belonged to Aehako’s people. I wasn’t sure what we were going to be told about that ship but so far, I have no complaints. It’s kind of far-fetched, but no more so that the entire premise of the story of blue skinned alien men with horns, tails and a parasite that can tell who your mate is. [Read more…]

Review: Does a Bear Shift in the Woods by Ruby Dixon

does a bear shift in the woodsReviewed by Shelly

Book 4 in the Bear Bites series redeems book 3 (“Shift Just Got Real”). The humor and quick back and forth made a perfect timing return and, dear readers, this is a fun and funny read. Chance Eddington is the epitome of the guy who said ‘I don’t give a damn’ until it’s time for him to win his girl. He’s clueless. Madison Thorne is the newly acquired hair stylist who works for Adelaine Laurent (book 1) at her beauty spa. Madison’s had her eye on Chance, but not for the reasons that you would think. What made this different from the first 3 stories, is that Madison is the first shifter heroine. While keeping with theme, all the guys have been bear shifters from Pine Falls, MN. [Read more…]

Review: Shift Just Got Real by Ruby Dixon

shift just got realReviewed by Shelly

The 3rd novella in the Bear Bites series is my least favorite so far. The writing is fine but the content is not something that I’ve been a fan of – that whole ‘Daddy’ and ‘baby girl’ thing… yeah, no. The young human Ryann Brown’s had a thing for Standard since she was 17. At the ripe ole age of Almost-21 to his 39, she knows who she wants and she’s not waiting around for him to notice her. Mal Standard’s had a thing for the youthful Ryann since she came into town when she was 17, but he’s not done anything about it because he basically feels like a dirty old man (I agree with his self assessment). [Read more…]

Review: Get Your Shift Together by Ruby Dixon

get your shift togetherReviewed by Shelly

These novellas are written as serials. A few of my favorite series have been introduced that way and it makes the anticipation fun because there’s a wait between stories. As with the first story, the laughs keep coming in the second novella in Dixon’s Bear Bites series. In book 2, Cole Braxton’s best friend, Leo Prufuchs, finally finds his mate. I didn’t realize that he was looking, but once he found her, he knew it and didn’t try to deny it. [Read more…]

Review: Shift Out of Luck by Ruby Dixon

shift out of luckReviewed by Shelly

This novella is a fun, quick read. The first book in Ruby Dixon’s new series ‘Bear Bites’ sets up Pine Falls as the place where the ‘otherworldly’ settle down. Here’s what I know – Pine Falls is somewhere that the Superior National Forest is easily accessible which translates to ‘outdoor camping’ shenanigans going on. So far no public exhibition though, thank goodness. [Read more…]

Barbarian Alien: Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

barbarian alienReviewed by Shelly

After reading the first story in Ruby Dixon’s Ice Planet Barbarian series, I was really looking forward to the second book. There’s a continuing arc in this series and although you might enjoy reading book 2 and not book 1, I think your enjoyment and appreciation of the erotic elements will be enhanced if you read book 1 first.

I’ll be upfront and say that I didn’t like this one. The dislike had absolutely nothing to do with the writing, because that was just as good as the first story. I couldn’t stand the heroine, Liz. She was completely unlikeable to me. She was just as snarky and just as b*tichy in book 1, but there, it was in short bits and therefore tolerable. I was hoping she would have undergone a personality check considering she’s now dependent on someone else for her survival and would somehow be grateful for that; while I waited, it was really painful by the way, there were moments of redemption, so there’s that. Still didn’t make me like her, though. [Read more…]

Review: Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

ice planet barbariansReviewed by Shelly

If you’re in the mood for a fun, sci-fi read about a hero that has a tail, blue skin and horns like a ram (snicker snicker) this is for you. I’ve never heard of Ruby Dixon. I can’t even say that she was ever recommended to me by Goodreads (thanks for nothing GR), but this is entertainment that doesn’t even try to disguise itself as anything but (did you see the cover?). The first story in the Ice Planet Barbarians is a quick, laugh-out-loud read that I sped through it in a couple of hours. [Read more…]