Review: For the First Time (An Anthology)

for the first timeReviewed by Shelly

Title: Sole
Author: Alessandre Torre

This is a follow up from Hollywood Dirt. The author is new to me so I’m not familiar with the initial story. The short piece was fun, though, and was surprisingly witty and captivating. They’re a married couple, he’s a gorgeous Hollywood actor and she’s pretty in an understated way. The story happens during an hour of their lives. [Read more…]

Review: Rough Justice by Sarah Castille

rough justiceReviewed by Carrie

Picking through the glut of motorcycle club books out right now is tricky business.  I think oversaturation of the market has lead there to be more bad than good stories out right now. This one falls a little left of center and it’s unfortunate, because it could have been really great. [Read more…]

Review: Against the Ropes

against the ropesReviewed by Shelly

The cover enticed me, then I read the premise and I was sold. What I got and what I expected were two very different things. Sarah Castille’s story started out so promising. The heroine was strong without being dominant, sweet without being sugary, funny without being obnoxious but somewhere along the line – actually about midway through– things started falling apart for me.

Makayla’s best friend, Amanda, needs some help selling tickets for a MMA club. Needing the extra money, as her job in the admissions department at a local hospital doesn’t pay enough to cover her school loans, Makayla decides to help out Amanda. Interestingly enough, Makayla also has a problem witnessing violence; this plays such a big part of the story that I’m still questioning why she would continue to be a part of the fight scene, but I digress. [Read more…]