Review: The Strongest Steel by Scarlett Cole

Reviewed by Ericka

Harper Connelly had been in hiding for years from her ex that had physically abused her. She is living with horrific scars on her back as a constant reminder of what she had to endure while being with him.  Even though he is in prison, Harper is constantly being cautious about her surroundings, looking over her shoulder, and getting nervous anytime someone is near her. Her physical scars left her suffering mentally and from having any kind of normality. After finally getting tired of what her life has become, she goes to a tattoo shop call Second Circle owned my Trent Andrews. Trent is a tattoo artist that specializes in covering scars. He enjoys life and wants to live it to his fullest. When he meets Harper, he sees something in her that makes him want to risk everything to get close to her and help her rebuild her confidence. [Read more…]