Review: Kiss Me by Sharon Kleve

Reviewed by Shelly

Picking up directly after book 1, Kiss Me continues the adventures of Sage McGuire. As with Chase Me, this is a short read.

Sage is still working for Daniel who is as weird/interesting as ever. They have a dynamic that’s fostered by Daniel’s lack of brain cells and inexperience with having a job. Or at least that’s what I think based on what Sage knows or even cares to find out. But in reality it doesn’t even matter because she wants to quit that job for her dream job as a self employed private investigator. [Read more…]

Review: Chase Me by Sharon Kleve

Reviewed by Shelly

The first in Sharon Kleve’s ‘Sage McGuire’ series, this is a pretty short read and while I thought the blurb sounded very interesting with an adventurous and spunky heroine, I’m not sure that’s what I got. The story opens with Sage and a few of her friends drinking at a bar. They’re there because Sage’s boss has died, but that’s okay because Sage wants to open a private investigate firm. While at the bar, she sees Carter from across the room – sparks fly. When Sage wakes up the next morning, she makes some assumptions that she should have made the night before, but maybe the beer goggles were too thick. Things happen and she finds out that Carter is actually a police officer. Her getting in the PI business and Carter being a cop should equal happiness for her, but not so much, and it’s a long yet short road to their HEA. [Read more…]

Review: Four Weddings and a Fiasco – The Wedding Switch by Sharon Kleve

wedding switchReviewed by Shelly

A short dip into the work of wedding planners. Abby Blackwell and her boyfriend have recently gotten engaged. The only thing is, they’ve not planned the date nor is Abby really sure that the boyfriend is who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Enter Hunter Price, Derrick Coltraine’s (the boyfriend’s) friend. Derrick somehow talks Hunter into pretending to be engaged to be married AND plan his wedding with Abby so Derrick and Abby can use that wedding as their own. The idea was to get Abby to basically plan her own wedding because Derrick really needed to be married, for work purposes. Interesting premise. [Read more…]