Review: Playing to Win by Shelley Munro

playing to winReviewed by Shelly

I wanted to like this story much more than I did. It had such potential. I assumed, as it’s a republished novel that it would have been revamped since its initial release back in 2008.

Famous rugby player Lane Gerrard just found out, through the media, that he has a 9 year-old son. Kate Alexander has been a mother to 9 year-old Jamie since her sister’s passing and is shocked to find Lane on her doorstep claiming that he’s the father to the child that she’s been raising. [Read more…]

Review: Mistress of Merrivale by Shelley Munro

mistress of merrivaleReviewed by Janell

In this historical, Jocelyn is a courtesan who gets dumped by her protector because he’s about to get married. He wants to look out for her, though, and suggests that she marry his cousin Leo, who is conveniently in need of a wife. Jocelyn has a crazy mother who is prone to screaming fits and chats with ghosts, and she is happy to take any man who will take her and her mother, as long as he’s not a bad guy.

Leo, the cousin in question, is a widower. His wife cuckholded him several times, and then she was strangled to death. [Read more…]