Review: The Marshal’s Ready-Made Family by Sherri Shackelford

marshals ready made familyReviewed by Shelly

I like a good story regardless of the sexual content; this is a good story with no sexual content.

JoBeth McCoy is a tomboy. She wears pants under her dresses. She wears cowboy boots. She wears braids. She works as the local telegraph operator. She’s happy – isn’t she? In a time when all of her friends are married and having children, JoBeth’s given up on both. She’s seen enough to know that it’s not something that she’s suited for and she knows that she could never find someone to love her and her non-womanly ways. Garrett Cain is the local sheriff. He’s just been given custody of his newly orphaned niece, Cora. He’s dealing with his grief, her grief and his own guilt over his past. But first things first, he has to keep Cora from the grubby and greedy hands of his cousin; to do this, Garrett knows that he can’t stay single. [Read more…]