Review: Darkness Reborn by Stephanie Rowe

darkness rebornReviewed by Jen

Some days, I feel like the odd man out… that reader that must be impossible to please. Because everyone else seems to have liked this book. Everyone but me. I enjoyed the first couple of installments in this series, but the last one was a real miss for me. A good friend assured me, though, that the series gets better. I won’t say that she lied, but I will say this is clearly a matter of perspective.

Much like the last book, I was excited about the premise. Kane has been a dark and brooding mystery since day one. He is heavily scarred and doesn’t remember anything about his life before he joined the Order. I love tortured heroes, especially when I get to see their salvation through love. Unfortunately, how it was executed was neither something a path I expected or enjoyed. [Read more…]

Review: Forever in Darkness by Stephanie Rowe

Ebook cover for Forever in Darkness By Stephanie RoweReviewed by Jen

What a teaser this story is! Since the first book in this series, poor Ian has been a hot mess. After all, one of his brothers in arms killed his mate right in front of him. Before he ever had a chance to know her. It messed him up so bad that they had to chain him up in the basement for awhile. He’s been the resident warrior on the edge.

Now as this story begins, he is convinced that not only has he found his sheva again… he has lost her again. His family curse is eating him alive, tempting him to join her in death. Somehow, though, he resists. And finds her yet again. Only this time, he has a chance to speak to her. To connect. [Read more…]

Review: Darkness Surrendered by Stephanie Rowe

darkness surrenderedReviewed by Jen

I had such high hopes for this book. Sometimes the anticipation is better than the payoff, and unfortunately for me, that was what happened here. The very fact that Elijah is alive was enough for me to get excited. This is a man who sacrificed his very life for his mate, a woman who has built him up in her mind as this amazing savior. He is her protector, a beloved friend to other members of the Order, and a deliciously tortured hero. Add to that, this is the book with the big climax to the series arc, and there was so much potential.  Only, I really struggled to get through this one. [Read more…]

Review: Darkness Seduced by Stephanie Rowe

darkness seducedReviewed by Jen

I’m glad I stuck with this series. Not only did I enjoy this second installment more than the first, I am really excited about reading the third. As I had hoped, this book explains so much more about the larger series arc, and about who are villains are and what they hope to accomplish. The world-building remains interesting and the characters, fleshed out. The romance is about on-par with the last book. [Read more…]

Review: Darkness Awakened by Stephanie Rowe

darkness awakened 1Reviewed by Jen

Ancient warriors. A band of brothers. They must protect the earth from those of their kind who go rogue. Each has a soulmate to complete him to drive him stark raving mad. Wait. What? This series takes the standard idea of the genre –that a mate is something wonderful– and turns it completely on its ear. Here, a mate is something to be avoided at all costs. Because no mated couple has ever survived the curse of their kind. [Read more…]