Review: Seduction of a Highland Warrior

Reviewed by Jen

I’ll give Sue-Ellen Welfonder this: she is consistent.  I had the very same problems with this book as I did with Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel.  The main romance in this story was fairly good. But there is so much other junk going on that bogs it down, it practically ruins the book.

Marjory is on a mission to capture Alasdair, the leader of the MacDonald clan. She has wanted him for years and she is fairly certain that the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately, he and her brother hate each other’s guts, so it’s not an easy match. Her brother tries to keep her away from Alasdair. And Alasdair, himself, tries to fight the attraction between them.  Of course, he can’t fight it for long.  Sure, he almost manages to screw it up once or twice, but there was a great sexual tension and affection between these two that couldn’t be denied.  Simply put, I liked watching their road to happiness.

Unfortunately, that relationship only made up about half of the book. The rest was tied up with ghosts, Vikings, and Highland legend.  All of which were side-plots I most decidedly did not like.  The Highland legends –like magical dogs and night-walking– are thrown in there like we should know what they are. There’s no set-up or explanation… as if they were as commonplace as lighting a candle or taking a nap.

The ghosts had their own sorry tale about one of Alasdair’s ancestors who cheated on his wife with a selkie and went on to be lauded as this super-great guy.  His wife wasn’t so high on him, especially in her afterlife. He thought she killed himself over his indiscretion, then actually complained that she didn’t love him enough to forbear through her heartbreak.  A real winner, that Drangar. Then, after centuries of blaming him, she forgives him out of nowhere.

Then there’s the Viking subplot. Marjory’s brother was going to marry her off to a Viking. Later, she had a portentous dream that she was going to be burned on a Viking pyre.  The foreshadowing was thick throughout the book.  But after a quick battle toward the end of the story, the whole thing was just dropped.  Very, very anticlimactic.

Even though I liked the main romance fairly well, it couldn’t save this book for me.

Rating: D+

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Seduction of a Highland Warrior
by Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Release Date: January 29, 2013
Publisher: Forever

Review: Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel

Reviewed by Jen

The Cameron, Macintosh and MacDonald clans hold an uneasy peace. They each inhabit a different part of the same glen and were forced to stop fighting by the King. Each chief has a sister and the three women have entered a pact to make the peace more meaningful. Each plans to marry a chief from one of the other clans, forging unbreakable bonds between the families.

Lady Isobel Cameron is crazy about Kendrew, the chief of the Macintosh clan. He has never paid her much attention, which makes her plan to seduce him so much easier. She shows up at a Macintosh clan gathering, known for its hedonism. She presents herself to Kendrew and the two of them get down to business before he realizes who he is dealing with. Let me just say, I love it when a book jumps in with both feet!!

Anyway, Kendrew gets quite a shock when he realizes A) he just shagged a virgin; B) she is a lady; and C) she is a Cameron. He sends her packing. But Lady Isobel is determined to get her man. She loves his brutish Viking ways, his wildness, and his fierce home. And despite his protests, he is crazy about her too. I loved watching the dance between them as they take two steps toward a relationship, then one step back again.

But reading Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel was almost like reading two different stories in one. The main arc is the one featuring Kendrew and Isobel. But at the same time, there is a secondary storyline involving ghosts and dragons. I didn’t understand how this fit in with the present day story at all. It was completely unnecessary and, frankly, distracted me greatly from what was going on with our main characters. I wanted to skip these parts but I was afraid it would tie in to the main storyline as the book progressed. It didn’t. I could have skipped it and missed nothing except the confusion it generated.

Kendrew and Isobel’s story is sexy and full of adventure. And we’ve got a great set-up for Marjory and Alasdair. I think I’d like to read their story, minus any supernatural side-adventure. 3 1/2 stars but it would have been more for just Kendrew & Isobel’s part of the book.

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Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel
by Sue Ellen Welfonder
Release Date: July 26, 2011
Publisher: Forever (GCP)