Review: A Stolen Season by Tamara Gill

stolen seasonReviewed by Janell

I haven’t read a time travel book in forever. Maybe because I assumed they all involved Scottish Highlanders, and with the exception of Outlander’s sweet young virgin, I picture all Highlanders as big tough alpha roar!smash types. That’s not for me. But this book has a modern woman traveling back to the Regency era, and I am all about historicals, so I gave it a shot.

Sarah Baxter is the archeologist heroine in question. Her job involves traveling to the past for non-nefarious research reasons, or something. On one trip, she accidentally leaves behind a piece of equipment. She has to retrieve it because, you know, anomalies. During her retrieval mission (which is actually a stealing-it-from-the-guy-who-collects-oddities mission), she’s involved in a rainy horse crash which results in an earl’s death. And she loses the Important Object. [Read more…]