Review: Due South by Tamsen Parker

Reviewed by Shelly

This is a tricky one for me. I liked the characters. I enjoyed the storyline. I even liked the idea that India, who I can’t stand, seems to be a bit more well-mannered. But something felt off and I don’t know if it was the plethora of sexual escapades for Lucy and Evans or if it was something else. I just can’t put my finger on the culprit.

I didn’t see anything suggesting that this can be, or not, read as a standalone. As I’m very familiar with the previous 4 books, I think it would be beneficial to have read them in light of India Burke’s almost harsh personality and how that might or might not have influenced Lucy and Evan’s decisions. The thing about it is that we all have choices, and both Lucy and Evans for whatever reason enjoy the experiences they have working with India’s company and have worked for her the past six years. [Read more…]

Review: True North by Tamsen Parker

true northReviewed by Shelly

This is a really hard review for me to write, because I find myself wanting to say so much and not give too much away. I’ve done way too many revisions before settling down. I read this book purely on my experience with the writer. I find her storytelling to be very engaging, even when I neither like the characters or when I find the story category not to my liking. This one crossed too many lines of what I find pleasurable to read but I still found the writing to be good solid stuff. As with India, Slade’s story is his POV only. [Read more…]

Review: For the First Time (An Anthology)

for the first timeReviewed by Shelly

Title: Sole
Author: Alessandre Torre

This is a follow up from Hollywood Dirt. The author is new to me so I’m not familiar with the initial story. The short piece was fun, though, and was surprisingly witty and captivating. They’re a married couple, he’s a gorgeous Hollywood actor and she’s pretty in an understated way. The story happens during an hour of their lives. [Read more…]

Review: Craving Flight by Tamsen Parker

craving flightReviewed by Shelly

I chose to read this specifically because I’ve read and enjoyed Tamsen Parker’s ‘Compass’ series. Although I’ve read my share of erotica/BDSM, I can’t claim to enjoy the level of kink the Compass series is about; but dear readers, Parker writing is so good that I couldn’t not read that series. All that to say, it bummed me out that by the time I was 20% into this story, my opinion was already formed. I really wanted to like this story and I should have stopped reading because I wanted to put this book down (more than once). My feelings ran the gamut on this novella but not in a way that I found fulfilling. I just want a story that leaves me with a sense of ‘hey, that was a good story – I want MOAR like that’. [Read more…]

Review: Uncharted Territory by Tamsen Parker

uncharted territoryReviewed by Shelly

The prequel in Parker’s ‘The Compass’ series is the connecting story of India Burke and Hunter Vaughn. These stories do connect and you should definitely read Book 1 and 2 in order. From the beginning, I never liked India and I’m still no a fan of India nor the kind of kink that she likes, but Parker’s a good storyteller. I still believe that in all good fiction, there’s a truth and believability that writers have to use to captivate their audience; Parker does that here. Actually the entire series has enough conveyed emotions to make the plot and characters feasible. [Read more…]

Review: Intimate Geography by Tamsen Parker

intimate geographyReviewed by Shelly

Picking up directly after Personal Geography, book 2 continues India and Cris’s story. If you’ve not read book 1, this will contain spoilers as these are not stand-alone books. I made mention in my review for Personal Geography specifically about India – I didn’t like her and to be honest, I still didn’t like her in book 2. I found her immature, selfish and a class A jerk. This conclusion reveals a more pleasant demeanor, but she was in no way likeable to me. But as I’m a sucker for a good story, credit goes to Tamsen Parker because this was a compelling read, even with India for a heroine. [Read more…]

Review: Personal Geography by Tamsen Parker

personal geographyReviewed by Shelly

There’s a fine line between love and hate. I rode that line from beginning to end. This is my first time to read this author’s work and she writes an engaging story. Consultant India Burke has a sharp mind and an equally sharp tongue. Working long days, India has ‘lost weekends’ where she takes off to parts unknown. During those weekends, she desires a submissive role along with sexual release – until the next time. Crispen Ardmore is a Dominant without a submissive. He lives in the perfect isolated location for India, Hawaii. It’s far enough away for her purposes and Cris is exactly what India wants and needs for those 48 hours. Before I go on – there are two things about this story that you should know. This is neither HFN nor HEA and is NOT a stand-alone; the second part of this story is Intimate Geography. [Read more…]