Jen’s Favorites of 2016

I haven’t read quite as many books this year as I did in years past. Part of the reason is the huge life changes that came with a new job and a major move for my family. The other came with my sudden burning desire to write a book of my own.

So my reading list was shorter, but I still found some great titles in 2016! [Read more…]

Review: Moonshadow by Thea Harrison

Reviewed by Jen

Every so often I am reminded how much I truly enjoy Thea Harrison. I have not loved every single one of the Elder Races books equally, but I absolutely adored this one. This is actually something of a spin off, set in the world of Elder Races but outside of the ongoing story line. So if you’ve never tried those books, this is a fantastic place to jump in.

The heroine is an American police consultant recovering from a shooting. Her entire future opens up when she learns she may be heir to a mysterious castle. All she has to do is figure out a way in. So Sophie travels across the pond, hoping to unlock the mystery and change her life. [Read more…]

Review: Liam Takes Manhattan by Thea Harrison

liam takes manhattanReviewed by Jen

I feel conflicted. This is a solid short story and a necessary one after the events of Shadow’s Fall. Liam Cuelebre is almost fully grown and chafing at the shackles built by the love and protection from his parents. He wants to spread his wings –to get out from under his father’s massive shadow. But that’s a tall order when you’re only a year old. [Read more…]

Review: Pia Does Hollywood by Thea Harrison

pia does hollywoodReviewed by Jen

I am really enjoying this trilogy of Dragos and Pia novellas! This story really picks up on the heels of “Dragos Goes to Washington.” Pia’s pregnancy is still a secret and she is preparing for her required trip to visit the Light Fae queen, Tatiana. She is supposed to go alone, but if Dragos just happens to visit California at the same time, she’s not really breaking the rules, right?

Anyway, it doesn’t take long after the Wyr arrive to realize something very wrong is happening in the Light Fae demense. Their hosts are staying very tight lipped. But when the danger extends to Lord Cuelebre, all bets are off. The Wyr and Tatiana’s people must work together, and both must sacrifice some of their secrets to defeat their enemy. [Read more…]

Review: Shadow’s End by Thea Harrison

shadows endReviewed by Jen

I feel like I have been waiting for Graydon’s book since the beginning of the series. He’s such a good guy, always there for Dragos and Pia, not only as a Sentinel, but as a friend. We’ve caught a glimpse of Gray with his heroine, Beluviel, during a big battle in Lord’s Fall, but there was no way to know how deep their feelings went. After all, she was the Lady of the Elven demesne, married to the High Lord for centuries. But here, Thea Harrison takes us back to their beginnings to see how they fell in love all those years ago and what drove them apart. [Read more…]

Review: Dragos Goes to Washington by Thea Harrison

dragos goes to washingtonReviewed by Jen

I think fans of Pia and Dragos will love this story. It brings back the magic of their courtship and mating, while moving their lives forward after the events of Midnight’s Kiss. It fits nicely after reading that novel, but even if you are a few books behind, I think you would fall easily into the story.

Two major things are happening. One: the mating frenzy is back as these two contemplate a major life change. And two: they are heading to Washington DC, for a big summit of leaders for both the Elder Races and humankind. Tensions are high in the aftermath of the last book’s bloodshed, and diplomacy is vital. Too bad that’s not a skill that comes easily to our favorite dragon. [Read more…]

Review: Midnight’s Kiss by Thea Harrison

midnights kissReviewed by Jen

Thea Harrison is easily of the best paranormal romance authors out there. Almost without fail, her books sweep me up with passion, excitement, intrigue and good old fashioned romance.  And somehow, she manages to do it in vastly different ways with completely unique pairings every time.  She changes the dynamics of the couples; she even changes up the species, focusing on various portions of her sweeping Elder Races world.  This is the second book in a row centered on the Nightkind demanse, but still, this book is nothing like the last one. Despite that, or maybe because of that, I really enjoyed them both. [Read more…]

Review: Night’s Honor by Thea Harrison

nights honorReviewed by Jen

I always enjoy returning to Thea Harrison’s world of the Elder Races.  It’s true that I haven’t loved every installment equally, but that’s because Harrison makes each of her stories and all of her characters and species so unique. You never get the same book twice, which keeps things interesting, but also means some books will resonate better with certain readers than others.  This is a return to the world of the Vampyres. This didn’t excite me, considering the only other Vampyre centered book was one of my least favorite in the series.  I ended up liking this book much, much more than that one, and it left me excited for the next installment. [Read more…]

Review: Peanut Goes to School by Thea Harrison

peanut goes to schoolReviewed by Jen

If an author were to approach me and ask me if I’d like to read a 55 page book about a fast-growing 6-month old shifter-baby attending his first day of school, I would say no without a moment’s hesitation. Unless that author was Thea Harrison and that baby was Liam Cuelebre. Not only would I gleefully accept, I would walk away with a sweet and satisfying story that left me even more enamored of a series that I already loved like chocolate. [Read more…]

Review: Pia Saves the Day by Thea Harrison

pia saves the dayReviewed by Jen

This novella absolutely hit the spot. Thea Harrison somehow managed to take a longtime couple and make their story feel new again.  That’s no small feat after two full length novels and an earlier novella already devoted to them.  They’re married. They have a baby.  Yet they are still sexy and with the progression of this story, we got to watch them fall in love all over again.

As the story begins, Pia and Dragos are settling into their new home with the baby, but there is still work to be done before the house is finished.  And it’s during that construction work that Dragos is seriously injured.  It’s so bad, he loses his memories… of his past, his humanity, and of course Pia. [Read more…]