Review: Lady Rogue by Theresa Romain

Reviewed by Jen

I wanted to love this book. I mean, a romance between a lady and Bow Street Runner, one that would be forbidden in the eyes of society… that is right in my lane. I adore pairings where the hero is below the heroine in social station. But for a number of reasons, this book did not deliver in the ways I had hoped.

The biggest fail, for me, was that the first hook up for these two happened before the book ever began. Yes, it tells you that in the blurb, but reading this book gave the distinct feel that I was jumping into a series already in progress. The was disappointing for the romance to be sure, but it was downright overwhelming with the giant infodumps in the bigger story. No standalone book has a history for its characters so detailed and complex, so I did some research and sure enough, this book was born out of the events of The Royal Rewards series. (*This is clearly stated now on Amazon & Goodreads, but was not made obvious when I accepted the ARC.) There is a whole thing about a gold heist and a dead brother for the hero… all it did was bog me down and take away from the story at hand. Even worse, I couldn’t tell what stuff had actually happened on page in other books and how much was backstory for the characters that no one had read anywhere. [Read more…]

Review: Season for Temptation by Theresa Romain

season for temptationReview by Janell

I’ve had this book on my Kindle longer than I can remember; I think I bought it on Courtney Milan’s recommendation and let it linger for a while. Now that I’ve read it, I can understand its appeal: the characters are upstanding and whimsical, the plot is airy, and the finale is almost Shakespearian farce. Given that praise, I must admit that I found it a touch too lighthearted.

The main plot is this: James is a Viscount whose family is under a cloud of scandal. He decides to find a suitable bride and marry quickly in order to establish some respectability. [Read more…]