Review: All The Rage by T.M.

Reviewed by Joanna

This novel caught my eye because of the unusual career of the protagonist – Rage is a contract killer. Pshaw, you say. What’s unusual about that? Well, Rage is a nineteen-year-old woman. And she’s been doing the job for three years.

So let’s start again. This is a romance where our heroine has some pretty deep rooted issues. As a child she’s told she’s different – indifferent, in fact. Emotionless, a hypochondriac and complete germaphobe. Her bouts of rage earn her her nickname from the only person she lets be her friend. [Read more…]

Review: Tyrant by T.M. Frazier

Reviewed by Joanna

This is not a standalone so if you like the sound of a motorbike riding tattooed hard man who’ll do anything it takes – murder, violence, torture – to get his girls back, then go read King first.

If you’ve already read it, or you don’t care about spoilers, read on.

We good? M’kay, so King is crazy in love with Doe, the sweet girl who ended up a prisoner in his house after she lost her memory and her drug addict friend stole King’s money. She’s fallen hard too, though neither wanted to love the other, especially as King is pretty hard to love. [Read more…]

Review: King by T.M. Frazier

Reviewed by Joanna

You know you’re in for an interesting read when the opening chapters of a book have the male protagonist, King, aged eleven and beating up people while planning a future as a drug dealer. And then you’re set for sure when the first time he sees the female protagonist, Doe, he’s choking the woman he’s screwing (who’s pussy he just tattooed a pussy cat on) but his orgasm comes from linking eyes with sweet-looking girl at his door.¬†Phew, right? Darkness, grit and lust follow in spades. [Read more…]