Review: Fracture The Secret Enemy

fractureReviewed by Jen

Kristina has green eyes. This is very important.  It must be, because the author literally tells us 24 times over the course of the book.  24 times.  Every time I saw it again, I thought, “Surely, this is the last time,” and unfortunately, I was wrong.  It kept coming back over and over and over again until the very last page.

Maybe you’re thinking So What?  You can’t judge the entire book based on that!  And you’re right. But it’s a clear sign of the kind of writing that plagued the story. It’s emotionally flat. The characters are two dimensional and their thoughts, actions, and dialogue lack any nuance or complexity.  The plot is thin and incomplete.  And the sex scenes are completely fade to black. There was nothing about any of it I found satisfying. [Read more…]