Review: Marked by Kit Rocha, Vivian Arend, and Lauren Dane

markedReviewed by Carrie

Ooooh lord, this anthology might set your e-reader (and panties) on fire!  I’ve said before that I don’t care for novellas, but some of my favorite authors have been cranking out some great ones!  Let’s break it down.

Beyond Temptation
by Kit Rocha (Grade: B)

This is set in the dystopian world of Sector Four.  It works ok as a standalone if you haven’t read the other books, but you really should because they are that good.  [Read more…]

Guest Post: Thea and Viv’s Big Adventure

This contest is closed. The winner is Julianne.

Welcome to Day Two and more adventures with Thea and Viv. The theme for this second day is Transportation and a chance to introduce you to our heroes. Now-transportation is a BIG theme in WOLF LINE, like there’s a really big boat as the setting for this story: a cruise ship. Kinda like this one:

Yes, for anyone who has already read others in the Granite Lake Wolves series, you know there’s a pun in that title, just like there are in all the story titles. One is obvious, I hope—but there’s more than one line being pulled in this story!

Like—don’t let the names fool you, but the fellow being called Mark Weaver in this scene is actually Jared: playboy extraordinaire first met in WOLF GAMES. Only after a pretty exciting morning he’s suddenly thrust into this meeting with Keri Smith who’s acting as a troubleshooter during her BFFs maiden voyage as Cruise Coordinator.

Welcome aboard, trouble!

The late arrival was dark haired, the strands long enough to lie tousled around his shoulders like some bad-boy rock star on tour. Mmm, she liked bad boys. His leather jacket hung open, his chest moving rapidly, and Keri hesitated.

Chest heaving? Slightly panting—as if he’d been running? “Did someone escort you to the ship, Mr. Weaver?”

His eyes widened, then his grin flashed and her belly warmed. Damn, that face of his should be labeled a dangerous weapon. “No, but I sure could use an escort to my room.”

“You’ll get your sleeping assignment in a minute,” Chad cut in. “First, sign here.”

Keri shook herself, stepping back in self-defense.

Mark winked her direction then leaned over the table to add a swirl of chaos to the bottom of the page. “There you go, love.”

Chad choked for a second before handing over a key. “Your room is on the port side, toward mid ship. You can get extra linens and supplies from the hall storage, and your first shift starts at eleven hundred hours. Report back here and you’ll find your team leader, who will get you fitted up and give you last-minute instructions.”

Mark tilted an imaginary hat at Keri, ignoring Chad completely. “You going to be around? Help me find my sea legs, that kind of thing?”

Keri continued to retreat until her back hit the wall. “I think we’ll end this conversation now, Mr. Weaver. Find your quarters.”

His dark eyes sparkled for a second before he dropped his gaze, stroking his way down her body. She should feel insulted. She should turn and demand he treat her with more respect. The words wouldn’t come, mainly because what she really wanted was to strip right there and ride him like a Harley. Feel his power rumbling between her thighs and—

Sweat broke out on her brow, cooling instantly in the air-conditioned room. Mark was out the door before she figured out how to respond further. Keri avoided the blatant question in Chad’s eyes and raced away, slamming through the door that led the opposite direction from where her mystery man had gone. All thoughts of why he’d been chased aboard were lost in the disastrous new revelation that had overtaken her.

This was not good. This was so not good. The situation had gone from troublesome to tortuous in less time than it took for the average wolf pack to consume a prime-rib dinner.

Keri stopped to lean her forehead on the nearest wall. She hit with more force than intended, which was moderately excruciating but somehow appropriate.

In fact, she repeated the move. A couple of times.

Bang. Bang.

The resulting pain made her screw up her face. Bang. She was supposed to be there for her friend and act as a troubleshooter. Bang. Not be the one to cause chaos right under Tessa’s nose. Bang. Not discovering her mate in the midst of the hired help.

Oops? Okay, this is going to be a tricky cruise. Not as tricky as this one, but still:

Hope you’ll come along to see exactly why Jared is being called Mark, and why Keri is reacting to her mate, and yet Jared doesn’t seem to be…

Leave a comment here, and then head over to the Book Binge to see what Thea is up to. Tomorrow you’ll find us both hanging out at Smexy Books to talk about our heroines and take on the next part of the adventure.

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