Review: How to Forget a Duke by Vivienne Lorret

Reviewed by Jen

I have read a few different books from Vivienne Lorret now, and I have enjoyed them enough that I did not hesitate to pick this one up. It follows the story of a professional matchmaker who inadvertently falls in love with the man who has hired her.

That premise could’ve made it very trite. So too could the second major trope thrown in. The heroine gets amnesia. Though that is an eye-roller for some folks, it did not bother me here. I did have a few issues, but that wasn’t one of them.

I guess, for me, my biggest complaint is that I was slow to warm up to these characters. Jacinda, our matchmaker, is hell-bent on proving Rydsrom, the titular Duke, is hiding something. She dresses up like a maid to invade his private space and she tries to sneak in to his country home as well. She comes across as immature and, well, like a bit of a wrecking ball. It was kind of a blessing when she forgot who she was. [Read more…]

Review: Just Another Viscount in Love by Vivienne Lorret

Reviewed by Jen

I have read and enjoyed all three books in this series, but this installment was considerably weaker for me. Part of it might be because of the inherent problems which often come with novellas. The story is very very simple and the love is Insta. Honestly though, my biggest issue was that I was a little bit bored.

Poor Samuel definitely deserved a happy ever after, considering he was cast aside by the other heroines in the series through no fault of his own. He is handsome, kind, and really quite a catch. Gemma, on the other hand, is essentially a pariah. Her father was a villain in a previous tale and now she is unsuitable in the eyes of the time because of his evil deeds. [Read more…]

Review: This Earl is on Fire by Vivienne Lorret

this earl is on fireReviewed by Jen

I enjoyed his second installment in Vivienne Lorret’s series of the Season’s Original as much as I did the first. It’s sweet and engaging with a jaded hero and the sweet, country miss who shows him that it may be worth it to trust people again.

We met Liam, the Earl of Wolford, in the last book.  He came off as a complete wastrel, but we learn here that he crafted that reputation on purpose. Liam is trying to keep himself apart from society, specifically the conniving debutantes, scheming for a rich and titled husband. He loves to collect valuable artifacts and he’s actually quite smart, but he likes to hide the truths of himself from the world. [Read more…]

Review: The Debutante is Mine by Vivienne Lorret

debutante is mineReviewed by Jen

This is a light, feel-good historical with a couple that’s easy to root for. There aren’t really any surprises. The story progresses exactly as you would expect, from beginning to end. But sometimes, it’s nice to just take the journey, knowing your destination, when the warm and fuzzy feelings hit the spot.

Lilah Appleton has to find a husband of noble birth… and fast. As she nears the end of her third season, she is about to be forced into a marriage with her odious cousin. Her father’s will has promised her to him, unless she finds another match among the nobility. Time is running out and her prospects look dim. [Read more…]

Review: The Maddening Lord Montwood by Vivienne Lorret

maddening lord montwoodReviewed by Jen

Vivienne Lorrett wraps up her Rakes of Fallow Hall trilogy with Lucian’s story. Lucian is the dark, broody member of the trio of friends who wagered against ever getting married. And he is the last man standing, with only 6 months to go. It should be easy for him to hold out because A) he really has no plans to ever marry and B) that 10-thousand pound payout is essentially a matter of life and death for him. [Read more…]

Review: The Devilish Mr. Danvers by Vivienne Lorret

devilish mr danversReviewed by Jen

This is easily the best book I have read from Vivienne Lorret. It’s book two in her Rakes of Fallow Hall series, but it holds up wonderfully as a standalone. It follows the unlikely romance between a man who never wants to marry and the sister of the woman who once left him at the altar. [Read more…]

Review: Tempting Mr. Weatherstone by Vivienne Lorret

tempting mr weatherstoneReviewed by Jen

One of my biggest peeves about most novellas is that usually the build to the HEA happens too fast for me to believe in it. But here Vivienne Lorret manages to sidestep that pitfall and give me a satisfying friends to lovers story in just about 60 pages.

Penelope and Ethan have been the very best of friends for the past 10 years. Their families are close. They know everything about each other. Somehow, though, neither has truly realized that there could ever be more to their relationship. As the story begins, Pen is restless. She is ready to break out of the monotony of her life with a new and exciting adventure.  Ethan thinks that is a terrible idea. His life is ruled by order; he is comforted by the familiar.  It becomes quickly apparent, however, that things are going to change with or without his blessing. The only question is, does he have the courage to change with Penelope or will she move forward with her life, without him in it? [Read more…]

Review: Finding Miss McFarland by Vivienne Lorret

finding miss mcfarlandReviewed by Jen

I think this must be my favorite among Vivienne Lorret’s Wallflower Weddings series. This installment features the fiery redhead Delaney, who is part of the needlework circle with previous heroines Emma and Merribeth. Only, she doesn’t actually do needlework. She pays her maid to do it — a small price to pay for friendships– and just one of the many quirks about her that made her so likeable.  She marches to the beat of her own drum. And she has her future all mapped out. [Read more…]

Review: Winning Miss Wakefield by Vivienne Lorret

winning miss wakefieldReviewed by Jen

Merribeth thought she had her entire life planned out.   After a longtime understanding with a childhood friend, she thought she would be married and have a stable future.  She had even made her own wedding dress.  But her life got turned on its ear when her intended told her he was in love with another woman and planned to make his future with her.

Now, Merribeth’s on the edge of society, with tongues wagging about what she could have done to make her man cry off.  She has no prospects and is on the verge of social ruin. Until her aunt’s old friend Eve comes up with a plan to win Clairmore back and restore her reputation. The idea is to make him jealous. Flirt with a rake. Gain some confidence. And soon Clairmore will see the error of his ways and leave his new love behind. [Read more…]

Review: Daring Miss Danvers by Vivienne Lorret

daring miss danversReviewed by Jen

Viscount Rathburn wants nothing more than to claim his inheritance.  It’s not for the reasons most young men would want the money, though. He wants to build a burn hospital in honor of the father he lost to a fire.  But his grandmother is keeping a tight leash on the funds.  She’ll only give him the money if he marries a suitable young woman.

Emma is Rathburn’s best friend’s sister.  She is proper and poised, almost to the point of being uptight.  In other words, she is exactly the kind of woman his grandmother would approve of.  So he approaches her parents to help him convince her to play the part of his betrothed. [Read more…]