Review: Fool’s Gold by Zana Bell

fool's goldReviewed by Janell

This is a historical set in New Zealand in 1866, and features one of the pluckiest heroines I’ve read recently. Guinevere is an English Lady who grew up on an estate with her open-minded father. Father loved artists, and the manor house was always full of artists, occasionally naked models, and progressive dinner conversation. Her father was so generous, in fact, that he pretty much lost all their money and mortgaged her beloved home to a neighbor, with the provision that, if Dad couldn’t repay the loan, Gwen could just marry the neighbor and keep the house anyway. [Read more…]

Review: Close to the Wind

close to the windReviewed by Janell

I loved so many things about this book! It begins in England in 1868, when 19-yr-old Georgiana overhears her fiancé and his business partner discussing some shady business. Because of what she hears, Georgiana decides that she must get to New Zealand immediately and check up on her brother, who went down there in search of gold.

Then comes one of my favorite tropes: girl masquerading as boy! On a ship, no less! Harry is the dashing captain of a swarthy crew, wanted by the law, off to New Zealand on the slim chance that it will help his fortune. Georgie talks her way onto the ship at the last minute posing as a young lad. She was raised in the circus, oddly enough, and wins over her crewmates with high climbs, somersaults, and impersonations. [Read more…]