Review: Dawn of a Dark Knight

Reviewed by Jen

This book is complicated.  Interesting and creative… with good sexual tension… but ultimately difficult to connect to because it was so foreign.

The basic premise is that Ashor is one of a handful of magi, tasked by the Gods to fight the evil daemons that threaten humanity.  He is immortal –or almost.  He can die by the hands of a daemon or one of his own brethren, but he is always reborn into the role he swore to uphold centuries ago. In each reincarnation, he forgets his former lives and it takes years before he learns to use his gifts again.  He isn’t supposed to kill humans, not even the Hashishins who summon the daemons into this world.  The more he kills, the more he lets out the violence in his soul, the more he begins to turn dark… until there is nothing of himself left. [Read more…]