Review: Gray Bishop by Kelly Meade

gray bishopReviewed by Jen

Kelly Meding Meade continues her Cornerstone Run trilogy with the story of oldest McQueen brother and future Alpha, Bishop.  I found this book to be very consistent with the style and tone of book one, so if you liked Black Rook, I think you’ll like this one too.

As we begin, the pack is still reeling from the carnage in the last story.  The brothers have all survived, but at a cost.  Rook is scarred physically from an attack, Knight is a hot mess emotionally from his rape, and Bishop is internalizing everything, because he wasn’t able to keep his family safe.  It also doesn’t help that he is overwhelmingly attracted to a woman he can never have. [Read more...]

Review: Seventh Grave and No Body by Darynda Jones

seventh grave and no bodyReviewed by Jen

I worship at the altar of Darynda Jones. The Charley Davidson series is one that is guaranteed to make me laugh, keep me guessing, and light my fire, all at the same time. At a point when so may series would have faltered by now, gone stale, or jumped the shark, this seventh installment is just as irreverent, smart, sexy, and funny as ever.  Maybe even more so.  And it’s building toward something I never could have predicted back at the beginning. [Read more...]

Review: Pieces for You by Genna Rulon

pieces for youReviewed by Shelly

If I thought Genna Rulon’s writing was good after reading Only For You, which is book 1 in her For You series, I’m officially on Team Rulon with this story. It’s hard to be a good storyteller and Rulon keeps getting better. After reading Everleigh and Hunter’s story and knowing that Samantha’s story was next, I hoped for a good story and that’s exactly what I got. If you’ve not read Book 1 you don’t have to, but it’s good and I recommend it. Be warned – there are going to be spoilers. If you did read Book 1, this picks up immediately after, with Samantha already discharged from the hospital and in the aftercare program. This story does have mention of rape and physical violence, so if that’s something that you’re not prepared to read about, then stop right here. [Read more...]

Review: Dream Date by Bea LaRocca

dream dateReviewed by Shelly

My first read from this new to me author was a long one – 300+ pages filled with a whole lotta sex and a good enough story; or maybe the story was enough but the plethora of sexual activities between Kate and Jason was…well a lot.

Kate Nichols is an erotic romance writer, she 24 years old and lives the life of a recluse. Why? I’m not sure, personal preference I guess because I didn’t find that she had anything in her background that would make her (more than anyone else) a loner. Her best friend and book agent, Claire, tells Kate of an auction to benefit the homeless. How much of the money was actually going to the homeless I’m not sure (does it even matter here?) but what I’m sure of is that Kate is an environmentalist who instead of working with the big bad petroleum company after college, chooses writing instead. It helped that she was financially okay because of some inheritance after both of her parents and grandparents died; she didn’t have the typical student loan albatross. [Read more...]

Review: The Arrangement by Mary Balogh

arrangementReviewed by Jen

I really, really enjoyed this book. I was a little nervous about picking it up because The Proposal did not rock my world.  This installment, though, definitely did.  If you are not familiar with The Survivor’s Club series, it follows seven men and women who were damaged in some fashion during the Napoleonic Wars. In this novel, the hero is Vincent, the youngest of the group. He is 23 years old, a viscount with a doting family, and he is completely blind. [Read more...]

Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

gone girlReviewed by Jen

OK, I’ll admit I stepped a little outside of my genre comfort zone with this one, but with all of the hoopla surrounding the movie and the urging of several co-workers, I decided to give it a go.  The result? It’s somewhat of a mixed bag.  The book was engaging and kept me guessing until the very last page.  I had no idea who the “bad guy” was and I had no idea how it would all play out.  I didn’t want to put it down.  But I didn’t like the ending and ultimately, I found that there was not a single character worthy of redemption in the end. That’s a pretty tough pill for me to swallow. [Read more...]

Review: Almost a Scandal by Elizabeth Essex

almost a scandalReviewed by Janell

I read my first Elizabeth Essex book a few weeks ago (A Scandal to Remember, reviewed here), the fifth in a series about Navy men and the women who love them. When I looked into the earlier books in the series, I found that the first book had a girl masquerading as a boy on a ship, and that is my catnip, so I tried to buy it. Then Amazon told me that I had already purchased that book about five months ago! So, good job, me from five months ago, for buying a book from an unknown author based solely on the premise! And bad job, current me, for letting my TBR pile get so big. [Read more...]

Review: Demon’s Fury by Jocelynn Drake

demons furyReviewed by Jen

Jocelynn Drake gives her Asylum Tales series a send-off with a three part serial that begins here, with “Demon’s Fury.”  It makes me sad that this is end for Gage and his crew, but at least we’re getting a real conclusion for his story.

The action picks up just a couple of months after the events of Dead Man’s Deal. Gage is adjusting to life as a Guardian and trying to figure out how he is going to tell Trixie about the deal he made to survive.  These few chapters introduce us to two murder cases he must solve: one involves a killer with a foreign magic; the other is driven to kill by a super-charged alpha-tattoo. [Read more...]

Review: Alex (A Cold Fury Hockey Novel) by Sawyer Bennett

alexReviewed by Carrie

As a big sports fan, I know the level of dedication and mental fortitude it takes for the athletes that reach higher levels. I’m trying to read more sports romances because I find I have been really enjoying the element it adds to the story.  Alex is the first book in a new contemporary series about the men of a fictional NHL team. ALERT- this book has a tortured hero. [Read more...]

Review: Darling Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt

darling beastReviewed by Jen

I loved this book. It’s a take on Beauty and the Beast, which is one of my favorite tropes. The hero is tortured –and a mute, gentle giant. Fans of the Maiden Lane series will recognize Apollo Greaves as the brother to Artemis, the heroine in Duke of Midnight. He spent four years in Bedlam for a crime he didn’t commit, and now (thanks to his sister’s husband) he has escaped, but the damage done in the asylum has left him a very different man than he once was. Not only is he unable to speak, he must also remain hidden, since he is still wanted for murder. [Read more...]