Review: Fool Me Once by Katee Robert

fool me onceReviewed by Joanna

Snarky gothy geek girl hates huge hunky cowboy. All the way from grr to rawr.

Aubry is a wee bit antisocial. Well that’s an understatement – she hates all people bar her best friend, Jules. She makes her money creating websites for people from the safety of her apartment and seldom goes out due to crippling social anxiety. She’s also a crack shot on the online game Deathmatch and one day gets invited to play the alpha test of a new release at a gamers’ convention. Dream come true, except Aubry can’t handle people or crowds. [Read more…]

Review: Why Do Dukes Fall in Love? by Megan Frampton

why do dukes fall in loveReviewed by Jen

I love an awkward hero. And Michael, the Duke of Hadlow, is most definitely that. The man has no social skills at all. He doesn’t know how to interact with people. He’s blunt; he’s rude; and he’s terribly alone… until he hires Edwina to be his new secretary.

The widowed mother is in dire financial straights, but she is smart. She is also forthright and insightful, a combination which makes her one of the few people he can stand to be around. Not only does he realize she’s the perfect secretary, he comes to consider her his very first friend, and ultimately, she becomes much more. [Read more…]

Review: Steadfast by Sarina Bowen

steadfastReviewed by Joanna

This second in the True North series takes a turn from the food, health n’ sunshine meets organic farm of book one, and puts us into the gritty and grim world of Jude after his six month stay with the Shipleys had ended. Winter is here and there’s no work on the farm ’til next year. Jude has to go home, where drug dealers lurk everywhere and denying what his body is screaming for is an ongoing and daily battle.

See Jude is a drug addict. Painkillers after he broke a limb as a teenager, heroin in prison. (Cheaper, apparently. Yikes.) He had a wonderful relationship with high school girlfriend, Sophie, daughter of the local police chief, but all went to hell when one night the car he was in left the road and the other person in it died. Sophie’s brother. The police chief’s son. The chief already hated him, but they really throw the book at him and he spends 3 years in the clink. [Read more…]

Review: A Duke to Remember by Kelly Bowen

duke to rememberReviewed by Jen

If you enjoyed Duke of My Heart, you’ll definitely enjoy this second story in the Season for Scandal series. It’s almost just like the first one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s got its own particulars; it’s not a carbon copy. But it features a chameleon of a fixer and a duke who needs her help; a pair that falls in love as she works to save his family. Like the first book, I enjoyed it. It’s quick and engaging, with a romance that’s easy to root for. And it holds up just fine as a standalone. [Read more…]

Review: Losing it by Cora Carmack

losing itReviewed by Joanna

Bliss is a virgin in her last year of acting college. She’s possibly the only virgin she knows and she’s desperate to lose this unwanted affliction.

Her friend persuades her to consider it a simple physical act and not a big deal, so off they go to a bar and Bliss lands herself a ridiculously handsome and horny Englishman. He’s reading Shakespeare in a corner whilst waiting for a locksmith and he’s never done anything like this before. Can’t say I’d believe him but Bliss takes him home all the same. [Read more…]

Review: The Angel’s Share by JR Ward

angels shareReviewed by Jen

I enjoyed the first book this series in an indulgent night-time soap sort of way. And I had even higher hopes for this second installment. After all, I love a good scarred, tortured hero, and Edward definitely fits the bill. In The Bourbon Kings, JR Ward clearly set up the romance between him and Sutton, the daughter of the rival distillery. Or did she?

I think one of my big problems with this book was its total failure to meet my expectations. Maybe that’s my fault. Perhaps I should not have assumed this was Edward’s book. Heck, maybe I shouldn’t have assumed that there would be a romance in each book. Because (SPOILER ALERT) there’s not. Edward is not the hero of this book at all. It’s still largely from his brother Lane’s POV. And what time we did spend with Edward frustrated me utterly. Because he seemed to be getting involved with two woman. He’s kissing and snuggling with one, having sex with another, and I just don’t want to read that. [Read more…]

Review: True North by Tamsen Parker

true northReviewed by Shelly

This is a really hard review for me to write, because I find myself wanting to say so much and not give too much away. I’ve done way too many revisions before settling down. I read this book purely on my experience with the writer. I find her storytelling to be very engaging, even when I neither like the characters or when I find the story category not to my liking. This one crossed too many lines of what I find pleasurable to read but I still found the writing to be good solid stuff. As with India, Slade’s story is his POV only. [Read more…]

Review: Unwanted by Jennifer Estep

unwantedReviewed by Jen

The idea of having a Finn-centric novella in this series seemed like a fun idea. I wish I  could say that it lived up to its potential. It’s not a bad story, necessarily, but there is not much to it. And it didn’t really feel like the Finn we know and love.

Understandably, this isn’t the time for Finn to be smooth or charming or sexy. This story is set on the heels of a book where his own mother tried to kill him. She tortured him and left a trail of bodies in her wake. And now Finn feels responsible. He feels guilty and everyone around him blames him too. No fun to be had here. [Read more…]

Review: Chaos Rises by Pippa DaCosta

chaos risesReviewed by Jen

The world of the Veil series is back!

When I learned this was a spinoff, I jumped in and tore through the Veil books like they were wrapping paper on Christmas morning. You don’t have to read those books to enjoy this one, but I will say that you should read them… simply because they were just that good.

We were first introduced to Gem and her brother Del in the previous series. They’re half bloods who were raised by the nefarious Institute and trained to kill demons. It wasn’t until the world went to hell that they were busted out, and now they are trying to live outside of those stifling walls for the first time in their lives. They rely on each other to keep their inner monsters in check. They also rely on PC34A, the drug they got from the Institute to suppress their baser urges. The thing is, now that they are free from their old masters, they have to depend on a new one to get their fix. [Read more…]

Review: Fool for Love by Marie Force

fool for loveReviewed by Shelly

The second book in the ‘McCarthy’s of Gansett Island’ series picks up a few weeks where book 1 ended. Maddie and Mac are living in their dream house, with Maddie’s adorable ray of sunshine, Thomas. You might be inclined to read this as a stand-alone, but I wouldn’t suggest that because of the recurring characters and the on-going story lines.

Mac and Janey have always been close. There was a very funny glimpse of their sibling affections in book 1 when Mac needed Janey to go to the store to get condoms. Normally that would actually come off as a little bit weird, but when you live on an island and everyone knows your business you’ve got to learn how to divide and conquer. Suffice it to say, I liked Janey before I ever read her story. [Read more…]