Review: Poison Promise by Jennifer Estep

poison promiseReviewed by Jen

I think I enjoyed this Elemental Assassin story more than I have any installment in a long time.  The series hasn’t been the same for me since Widow’s Web, for a number of reasons.  I’ve had serious issues with romantic arc.  And we’ve been missing a villain of Mab Monroe’s caliber for Gin to face.  The stories have felt more like standalones, not building toward anything.  Frankly, I was just losing interest. Until now. [Read more...]

Review: Who Wants to Marry a Doctor? by Abigail Sharpe

who wants to marry a doctorReviewed by Janell

I admit it, I read this book because of the title. It’s so silly and obvious, I wondered if there would be subversive depth going on underneath. And there kind of was, so, yay!

The first unexpected twist came when I realized that the heroine was the doctor. I know, how sexist of me to think that it would be a book about shallow women trying to marry a rich doctor. Sabrina was a pediatrician in a small Wyoming town, she had a son out of wedlock, and she lived with her parents. Her sister ran (or owned, I’m not sure) the local bar and dispensed advice while she pours drinks. [Read more...]

Review: This Wicked Gift by Courtney Milan

this wicked giftReviewed by Jen

From most other authors, I doubt I would have been able to enjoy this story. In fact, part of me finished it feeling like I really should have disliked it.  After all, the hero was willing to essentially force himself on the heroine.  It wasn’t actually rape; and despite his intentions, it wasn’t even extortion.  But the point is, he was willing to do it and that’s a pretty substantial thing to overcome. [Read more...]

Review: Fast Forward by Juliet Madison

fast forwardReviewed by Janell

In this story, aspiring model Kelli describes herself as “tall, slim, with glossy black hair and a well-proportioned face.” She’s just about to turn twenty-five, she has a hot boyfriend who is about to propose, and she’s very superficial. She goes to bed on the eve of her birthday and wakes up on her fiftieth birthday, married to “chubby-no-friends William McSnelly.” Her name is now Kelli McSnelly. It is the worst. [Read more...]

Review: Into the Shadows by Carolyn Crane

into the shadowsReviewed by Carrie

This is the third book in Crane’s romantic suspense series, The Associates.  Although each can be read as a stand alone, there is an over reaching arc that threads through the books; some readers might find themselves a bit lost with missing information.

Thorne McKelvey has been working his way up the notorious Hangman game for years.  No one knows that he’s really a plant for Dax, the head of the super-secret spy ring, The Associates.  Many years ago, Dax noticed Thorne’s skills and made a deal with him.  Dax would give him the new identity of the man who murdered his sister in return for working for him.  [Read more...]

Review: Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols

dirty little secretReviewed by Janell

Jennifer Echols is such an expert at writing smart, complex teen girls. The last book of hers that I read, Such a Rush, was about a girl living next to a small airport who decided that she’d learn to fly planes. In Dirty Little Secret, the heroine is an expert fiddle player with perfect pitch. How does Ms. Echols think of this stuff? And how much research does she do to accumulate all the minute musical details? Yes, I’m a fangirl. [Read more...]

Review: Black Rook by Kelly Meade

black rookReviewed by Jen

I enjoyed this first installment in Kelly Meding Meade’s new shifter series, Cornerstone Run. It straddles the line between PNR and UF and I’m not one of the people who is bothered by that. In fact, I kind of dig it.  The story doesn’t exactly tread the kind of creative new ground that, say, Meta Wars or Dreg City do. It’s pretty straightforward werewolf stuff, although with minor tweaks, like calling the wolves loup garou and classifying them by the color of their fur.  But there’s a reason that so many authors go back to this tried and true premise: it works. [Read more...]

Review: The Whisky Laird’s Bed by Donna MacMeans

whisky lairds bedReviewed by Jen

This is a pleasant historical that I enjoyed fairly well.  It didn’t really evoke any strong feelings and it’s pretty predictable, but it’s a comfortable journey as well as a quick and easy read.

Our heroine, Claire, is a card carrying member of the Temperance Movement. Her father was an abusive drunk, and far too often she has seen the terrible effects on the families of men who drink away their money.  [Read more...]

Review: Fueled by Lust: Cato by Celeste Prater

catoReviewed by Shelly

The 3rd installment in Celeste Parker’s Fueled by Lust series is a nice surprise. Why a surprise? For the simple reason that she’s not skimping on either the characters or story building. This installment is more stand alone than Book 2 was, but the characters are all recurring. So to avoid confusion and hair pulling, I would suggest that you read the first two in the series before tackling this one. It doesn’t hurt that those two were very good also. [Read more...]

Review: Safe by Shara Azod and RaeLynn Blue

safeReviewed by Shelly

I’ve had this story in my ever increasing stack of books to read and I finally bit the bullet. I’ve read other books by Azod and have been impressed enough to keep reading and hoping for that great IR story that leaves me wowed. I didn’t find it in this novella. The story itself was okay but the spelling errors, and there were many, kept pulling me from the story and interrupting the flow, thereby decreasing whatever enjoyment I might find. [Read more...]